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Ha-Ha-Ha xD

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Ha-Ha-Ha xD Empty Ha-Ha-Ha xD

Post  JasonVoorhees Thu 10 Sep 2009, 6:15 pm

A busdriver is driving through the city.
suddenly his eye falls on a weird red creature.
he stops the bus and the red creature says: hi im from mars and im hungry...
the busdriver think ''mnmhmhm'' and gives him his cheeseburger.
then the busdriver continues driving.
then he sees a weird green creature...
he stops and the weird green creature says: Hi im from saturnus and im thirsty...
the busdriver gives him his coke..
the busdriver rides again and then suddenly he gets extremely mad cuz he sees another weird creature, a blue one
he stops and the busdriver screams: OKAY, FROM WHAT F*ING PLANET ARE YOU GOD DAMNIT, AND WHAT THE (*) DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!!!!????
And the creature says: Earth, and ur license and registration please..

Hope U Like It. (I Do xD)
-Kevin Very Happy

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